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Webinar Series

"Boot Camp 360"

Sessions can build on each other or be stand alone.

FIC Regulatory Education Alliance presents

Instant Access BC360 - Alliance Academy!

Residential RE Lending & Compliance

Boot Camp 360 training modules are available right away to access for one full year! The 24 webcasts are already recorded AND we will also do at least one rotation of each of them live during your one year subscription, so you can attend the live sessions too (if you wish). As we do each additional live rotation, we will re-record, just incase there are updates to the already existing information. The intention is to consistently have up to date videos in this Boot Camp 360 collection. Boot Camp 360 is available for only $2197 (saving over $2700) AND includes your first registration to the FIC 3-Day Workshop to be held in San Antonio in the Fall (additional savings $997)

If you are interested in Texas Home Equity - you can have unlimited access to it as well!

24 Live Webinars - Unlimited Connections!

Here’s the deal, if you are spending all of your precious time…

          …doing your own job wearing several different hats

          …going to work early

          …staying too late

          …overseeing others

          …constantly having to learn new changing regulations

          …implementing procedures

          …admining software changes

and training new staff!

Short of cloning yourself, you need a magic wand!



- BOOTCAMP 360 INSTANT ACCESS Training Series plus Attend (Unlimited Connections) 24 Live Webinars- All 24 Webcasts - Recorded, Archived & Available for One-Full Year

We give you the support you need for the auto-pilot training and it's available to your entire institution for one full year! Each session in the series is just less than an hour and can be accessed repeatedly by your staff!

AND we provide you with live and interactive webinars where we can answer all of your questions in real time!

Optional Mini-Sessions upon request with Kimberly for personalized assistance or clarifications ($597 value)

If you need a little more than what the recorded and live sessions have to offer, you can have a personal mini session with Kimberly and design your own webinar for clarifications or assistance in implementing the regulatory requirements.

FIC Real Estate Compliance Manual online access ($297 value)The searchable pdf manual contains over 800 pages of residential real estate regulations broken down by sections so you can easily navigate the subjects that you need.

- BONUS!  One FREE Registration to the FIC Conference Annual 3-Day Workshop during your One-Year Membership ($997 value)That's a Triple Play!

Do you finally have new lenders, processors, underwriters, compliance officers, or any new staff, but no time to train them? Did you know that on a National scale the average age of a loan officer is 55 years old? What is your plan B when they retire? We can help! Isn’t it time you let us provide practical & simplified training that you can depend on, at a substantial savings you can’t afford to pass up?

Some are hiring seasoned lenders for immediate relief and some are recognizing talent from within and growing their own. Either way, when business is slammed there is no time to train and when business is slow, there is no need for new talent, let alone training! 

The pricing for “Boot Camp 360” is $197 per webcast. Yes, you can purchase any of these individually and purchase only the webcast content that you want. You will still receive access to the individual recorded and archived webcast.

But, when you purchase the entire 24 webcast series for only $2197 you save BIG, and this special introductory offer also includes one Free Registration to your choice of an FIC Conference or Workshop during your one year subscription!

It’s your gateway to use these training webcasts in tandem with live interactive support. This is a limited time, all-in-one opportunity that may never pass your way again! “Boot Camp 360” live webinars are recorded and archived aver each live presentation! 

The 24 webcast training series along with your internal mentoring are designed to assist your institution in educating new residential lending personnel as well as provide support for the more seasoned lenders. 

 Live Webinars are scheduled for 10:00 AM Central Time

Here is the new schedule for the Boot Camp 360 live webinars!

2020 - Live Webcasts

Jan 14/Tue     Webcast 1 - Basic Training 101
Definitions & Terms
Getting to Know the Process – Origination to Closing
CFPB Tools & Resources

Jan 15/Wed     Webcast 2 - Application Process
Interview & Overview
Collection of Demographic Information
Forms & Procedures – Delay in Fannie Mae 1003

Jan 16/Thu     Webcast 3 – Checking for all the Parts
Check the Sales Contract
Gather & Update Paperwork
Loan Options & Qualification Requirements

Feb 4/Tue     Webcast 4 - Evaluating Borrower Credit
Credit Report Review Checklist - CFPB
Identify & Investigate – Assets & Liabilities
Explanations of Credit Guidelines

Feb 5/Wed     Webcast 5 - Action Taken
Pre-Application & Application Stages
Discussions of Actions Taken:
Withdrawn or Incomplete
Counteroffers vs Counseling
Approved but not Accepted
Files Closed for Incompleteness
Denials for HMDA & ECOA
Government Monitoring/Demographic Information
Application defined by ECOA & HMDA vs TRID

Feb 6/Thu     Webcast 10 - HMDA Collection, Recording & Reporting
The rule is hundreds of pages long, providing numerous important changes to HMDA collection and reporting requirements. While the rule has been amended to aide in revealing fair lending issues, the proof in performance remains to be seen. The new rule requires a great deal more data to be collected from creditors and requires new reporting timing requirements.
Who must comply with HMDA collection and reporting?
Do you provide Preapprovals or Prequals?
What loans must be reported?
Understanding the codes for the “Action Taken”
Using the Rate Spread Calculator

Mar 3/Tue    Webcast 6 - Initial Disclosures
Homeownership Counseling List & Information
“Your Home Loan Tool Kit”
Optional Written Estimates Provided Prior to Loan Estimate
ARM Program Disclosure & “CHARM” Booklet
Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure

Mar 4/Wed     Webcast 7 - TRID – Loan Estimate Timing & Restrictions
Timing & Tolerance Rules & Limitations
Business Day Definitions
“Intent to Proceed”
Written List of Providers
Changed Circumstances Documentation & Retention
Allowing Waivers of Time Limitations
Actual Delivery vs Assumed Delivery
Re-disclosing even if you have not exceeded tolerances

Mar 5/Thu     Webcast 8 - Line by Line Loan Estimate
Completing the Loan Estimate - Examples
Including Common Errors Found
Troubleshooting & Solutions

Apr 7/Tue     Webcast 9 – Ordering Out/Preparing for Underwriting
Check & Re-Check for all your puzzle pieces
Importance of Loan Notes & Explanations
Evaluate & Analyze Documentation

Apr 8/Wed     Webcast 11 – Avoiding Fair Lending Violations
Rules & Regulations
Anti-Discrimination Guidelines
Disparate Treatment & Disparate Impact

Apr 9/Thu     Webcast 12 – Section 8 Restrictions & Prohibitions
Referral Relationships/Kickbacks & Unearned Fees/Affiliated Business
Overview & discussion of Section 8 of RESPA which prohibits referral fees. It is one of the most critical sections of RESPA and many lenders involved in referral and/or broker relationships need to have better safeguards in the structure of providing goods, facilities or services in return for a fee.

May 5/Tue     Webcast 13 – Ability to Repay & Qualified Mortgages
Eight Minimum Standards of the Ability to Repay
General Qualified Mortgages
Temporary QM’s
Small Creditor QM’s

May 6/Wed     Webcast 14 - Regulation Z - Identifying Finance Charges & APR Calculations
We’ll take a deep dive into Regulation Z – Identifying Finance Charges, Checking the Amount Financed and Calculating APR 

May 7/Thu    Webcast 15 - HPMLs & High Cost Loans
Identifying Higher Priced Mortgage Loans and High Cost Loans
Using the Rate Spread Calculator
Meeting the requirements for Escrows and/or Appraisals
or allowing for exemptions

Jun 2/Tue     Webcast 16 – Understanding Appendix Q & Basic Underwriting
Regulation Z - Appendix Q
Tools & Guidelines
Fundamental Analysis & Conditioning

Jun 3/Wed     Webcast 17 – Flood Foundations, Determinations & Disclosures
We will test to make sure applicable guidelines are being met for flood determinations and insurance requirements. In 2016 there were new Flood Insurance rules with respect to mandatory escrowing of flood insurance premiums, subject to certain exemptions. Clarifications have been provided concerning forced place flood insurance whether an escrow account is established or not. We will cover the foundations of the Flood Insurance requirements for lenders as well as the amended rules and sample forms provided as a result of the final rules.

Jun 4/Thu    Webcast 18 – Appraisal & Valuation Compliance
Appraisal Independence
Disclosure Responsibilities
How to read an Appraisal

Jul 7/Tue     Webcast 19 – Escrow Accounting Rules
The Aggregate Escrow Accounting rules mandated by RESPA effectively cover all Residential Real Estate Loans that have Escrow or Impound Accounts

Jul 8/Wed     Webcast 20 – Understanding Title
What is a Title Insurance Policy, the title report, title search, and title opinion? How do you recognize what title requirements must be satisfied in order to close? Preparing for closing and reviewing for items which must be cleared from the title.

Jul 9/Thu     Webcast 21 - Preparing for Closing & Final Disclosures
Preparing Loan Closing Instructions
Initial Escrow Account Statement (if applicable)
PMI Notice of Borrower Rights (if applicable)
HOEPA “High Cost Mortgage Disclosure” (if applicable)
Right of Rescission (if applicable)
Note or Promissory Note
Mortgage/Security Instrument

Aug 4/Tue     Webcast 22 - Closing Disclosure including Comparisons & Tolerance Cures
Line by Line Closing Disclosure
Comparisons of LE & CD
Re-Disclosure Rules & Restrictions
Most Common Errors
New 3 day waiting period for corrected CD’s
Allowing Waivers of Time Limitations
Violations, Cures and Restitution
Seller Closing Disclosure

Aug 5/Wed     Webcast 23 - Right of Rescission
Basic foundations of the Right to Cancel
Coverage & Exemptions
Sometimes we are not sure if the Right of Rescission applies
and sometimes we are not sure to whom it may apply
Disclosure Requirements, Timing & Violations

Aug 6/Thu     Webcast 24 – QC for Regulatory Compliance & Advertising
Prevention Squad or Clean Up Crew?
Checking APR’s, Financing Charges, etc.
Advertising/Marketing Compliance

Compliance has become a totally integrated part of the Residential Real Estate Lending Process, like the music and the lyrics of a song! 

Our skilled and accomplished team leader,  has meticulously crafted this comprehensive streamlined training. Never before have we seen Underwriting Guidelines incorporated into Federal Regulations! Regulation Z has big teeth and can reach far into our pockets! The civil money penalties will be steep and the violations will be many!

Are you and your staff ready? Let’s be honest, it’s hard enough to do your own job without having to worry about training someone else. We’ve got your back!

Our comprehensive training has been designed to fit the needs of everyone involved in Real Estate Lending. Those who are brand new to Compliance or residential home loans whether it be Home Equity, Purchase Money or Refinance Transactions, will find these webinars the most beneficial. Often times these sessions help to fill in the blanks for those in underwriting, loan review and quality control. Anyone involved in Loan Origination, the Application, Loan Processing, Closing, Underwriting, Auditing, Quality Control and/or Servicing of Real Estate loans will find this training to be a valuable tool and a worthwhile investment.

Cancellation Policy

If you find it necessary to cancel, there is NO PENALTY FOR CANCELLATION; however, a credit will be held in the amount of $150 for each month remaining month of your annual subscription which may be used for any future trainings, products or services. Bonus benefits and discounts will not be credited in the case of cancellation.


Your complete satisfaction with every FIC product or service is fully GUARANTEED! If for any reason, you feel you do not receive the educational benefit you need from our training, we will guarantee your money back! Our objective is to ensure that you receive a high-quality, effective training experience you need to stay one step ahead of the overwhelming task involved in keeping you abreast of regulatory changes in Real Estate Compliance!

Continuing Education

In efforts to pursue continuing education accreditation of the FIC Real Estate Compliance Conferences, we have found that each entity has its’ own criteria to be met. If there is a specific trade organization, State banking association, State Bar or CPA organization, etc. that you would like our assistance in getting continuing education accreditations, please let us know or send us information and instructions. Though in most cases we are unable to absorb the fees of these organizations, we will be happy to assist you in the approval process. 


What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "Thank you for a very informative 3 day compliance workshop. It was much more than just compliance. We learned real world applications. The sharing of information between the attendees was great! I have been associated with FIC Conferences since late 80's. FIC Conferences has been a valuable compliance resource. FIC Conferences has always delivered compliance into language I can understand, giving me a tool to share with our team members in a manner they can more easily implement in their daily tasks. Thank you Kimberly and the entire FIC Conferences team!"
    Catherine C. Haughton Mortgage Operations Manager - CU Community, LLC.
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