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HMDA Reporting for Institutions originating less than 500 closed-end mortgages, and less than 500 open-end mortgages will get relief from the 2018 HMDA expanded rules – but we are in the transition process for the next couple of years.  While a regulatory reprieve is in place, we still await additional changes to the regulation. Will this be a permanent relief or only temporary? 

This Quick Reference Guide gives you the requirements now and it also summarizes these key changes and provides the effective date for each key change.

We have designed this Guide like the Not so Little - Little Red Book.
Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing when or how changes will occur and the Easy Breezy ECOA & HMDA Quick Reference Guide does not have an update subscription so we try to limit changes whenever possible.

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It's a great low cost teaching aide in cases where training does not afford the expenditure of high cost materials. We also have volume discounts when purchasing more than 50 at a time.

This step-by-step ECOA & HMDA Book is like a primary reader providing simple
quick reference disclosure guidance in compliance with the federal regulations

for closed-end credit transactions involving Residential Real Estate Lending!
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