2019 FIC 3-Day Workshop September 11 - 13 San Antonio Riverwalk! RRELC-2019

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2019 FIC 3-Day Workshop


September 11, 12, 13, 2019 – San Antonio, TX

Embassy Suites Riverwalk

125 E. Houston Street - San Antonio, TX  78205 - 210.226.9000

$179 Room Block Expiration 8/1/2019
Rate includes Cook to Order Breakfast (6a-10a) 
& Managers Reception (5:30p-7:30p)
Guests must cancel reservations 7 day prior to arrival 
To avoid a one night room and tax charge. No-show fees 
May be charged and to avoid early departure fees please 
Advise the hotel at check in that the length of stay has changed
 Parking (per day): 
Valet: $30+ tax per 24 hours with in/out privileges and $15 inclusive of tax for event/day parking (based on availability) no in/out privileges

Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief & Consumer Protection

Roll Back Relief will effect several Regulatory Requirements for Mortgage Lending including but not limited to:
Ability to Repay & Qualified Mortgages
Exemptions from Certain Appraisal Requirements
HMDA Changes
Escrow Requirements
TRID Rule Changes
… and more!

Our agenda will incorporate the latest changes and expectations due to this “Regulatory Rollback” – Join us for our 3-Day Workshop in Downtown San Antonio! Some items on the agenda may be moved around when coordinating with speakers and content.

Registration is limited to the first 100 so if you are planning to attend, you must act now to guarantee your registration!

Check out last years agenda as we are in the process of subject and speaker selections!


8:30am - Registration - Meeting Room will have beverages only.  Full Cook to Order Breakfast is included with every room reservation 6am - 10am

DAY 1 

9:00am - 10:30am – Regulatory Relief & Mortgage Lending… What Does it Include?

We are in the process of engaging Guest Speakers

                10:30am  – 10:45am Break

 10:45am – 12:00noon - Regulation Z Smorgasbord & Final Disclosures

Even though the TRID Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure de-emphasize the APR and Finance Charge related figures to the consumer, they are still of grave importance to the Creditor. Ultimately, there are specific tolerances and restrictions that could result in civil money penalties when violated.   Deep Dive into Regulation Z - Identifying Finance Charges, Checking the Amount Financed & Calculating APR – HPML’s & High Cost – Using the Rate Spread Calculator to identify HPML’s & Section 32 High Cost Loans – Meeting the Guidelines for Escrows & Appraisals unless Exempt – Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans including Program Disclosures and Adjustment Notices - Right of Rescission - Initial Escrow Account Statement - Notice of Borrower Rights

                12noon  – 1:00pm Luncheon

1:00pm - 2:30pm – Underwriting Pro Tips & Solutions - Michael Whitbeck/Uberwriter

Tips for Loan Originators, Processors, & Underwiters to help increase your number of approve loans by truly understanding the ins and outs of the guidelines.

                2:30pm – 2:45pm Break

2:45pm - 3:30pm - TRID Hangover Anyone?
Common Errors Found - Troubleshooting & Solutions      
Timing & Tolerance rules and limitations - “Intent to Proceed?” - “Written List of Service Providers?” Estimating Escrows - Revised Loan Estimates - How do you document “changed circumstances” to retain for 3 years? Are you re-disclosing the LE even if you have not exceeded tolerances? Are you allowing waivers of time limitations? Providing applicants with conditional approval requirements before LE? Zero & 10% Tolerance Limits Revised Closing Disclosure When must there be a new 3 day waiting period for corrected CD’s? Seller Closing Disclosure - Which definition of business day you should follow for disclosures? Charging fees… What is allowable & prohibited? Violations, Cures and Restitution

3:30pm - 4:15pm - Update on Texas Home Equity

There is a new amendment added to the Texas Constitution! We will walk you through these new changes that became effective January 1, 2018 and the new interpretations that became effective on March 29, 2018

You are free to enjoy your Evening!

Check out last years agenda as we are in the process of subject and speaker selections!


9:00am - 10:30am – Understanding Title Fundamentals, Problems & Solutions - Frances Hughes, CTIP/Alliant National

From the "nuts & bolts" about Title work to understanding problems and solutions when ordering a Lenders Title Commitment, Frances brings first hand expertise to the table as Underwriting Support to Alliant National Title Company. Her insight and experience are a valuable resource in clearing title issues, understanding the value of an Owners Policy and overall communication with your Title Agents.

                 10:30am – 10:45am Break

10:45am – 12noon – Action Taken - Pre-Application & Application 

Pre-Application & Application Procedures – Discussions of Actions Taken such as Withdrawns, Incompletes, Counter Offers vs Counseling, Approved but not Accepted, Files Closed for Incompleteness, Denials under HMDA & ECOA – Government Monitoring Information – Application defined by ECOA & HMDA vs TRID

                  12noon – 1:00pm Luncheon

1:00pm - 2:30pm – HMDA – Fair Lending

Basic Fundamentals of HMDA will be covered and we will specifically address the 2018 implementation of the lastest changes.  The Rule is hundreds of pages long, providing numerous important changes to HMDA data collection and reporting requirements. While the rule has been amended to aide in revealing fair lending issues, the proof in performance remains to be seen. The new rule requires a great deal more data to be collected from creditors and requires new reporting timing requirements. Who must comply with HMDA collection and reporting?  Is your present software going to be able to handle everything? Do you provide Preapprovals or Prequals? What loans must be reported? Understanding the codes for the “Action Taken” Using the Rate Spread Calculator The next few years of major changes in our data collection both during the application process on the application itself and HMDA reporting will provide an abundance of specific information that may leave us vulnerable to fair lending issues.

                   2:30pm – 2:45pm Break

2:45pm - 3:45pm – It's all about the Property - Collateral - TBD

Flood Compliance

Flood Insurance rules with respect to mandatory escrowing of flood insurance premiums, subject to certain exemptions is required. Clarifications have been provided concerning force placed flood insurance whether an escrow account is established or not. We will cover the foundations of the Flood Insurance requirements for lenders as well as the amended rules and sample forms provided as a result of the final rules.

CollateralCompliance with the Appraisal Independence Rules, Reg Z requirements including HPML exemptions and guidelines,
Evaluation Content & Development

You are free to enjoy the evening!

Check out last years agenda as we are in the process of subject and speaker selections!


9:00am - 10:30am – Advertising Restrictions/Risks -  Referral Relationships & Section 8

When advertising mortgage loans a mountain of rules and risks come into play, most of which are required by Regulation Z.  That means the penalties for violations will be steep.

We will also take the opportunity during this session to provide an overview and discussion of Section 8 of RESPA which prohibits referral fees. It is one of the most critical sections of RESPA, and many lenders who are involved in referral and/or broker relationships need to have better safeguards in the structure of providing goods, facilities or services in return for a fee.

                  10:30am – 10:45am Break

 10:45am – 12noon – TBD

We are in the process of engaging Guest Speakers

 Any Question is Fair Game!


 Who Should Attend?

Anyone involved in Loan Origination, Application, Loan Processing, Closing, Underwriting, Auditing, Quality Control and/or Servicing of Real Estate loans will find this workshop to be a valuable tool and a worthwhile investment. The sessions provide you with confidence by reaffirming your lending procedures. Often times these sessions will not only help those who are new to mortgage lending, it will also fill in the blanks for those in underwriting, loan review and quality control.
Cancellation Policy

If you find it necessary to cancel, there is NO PENALTY FOR CANCELLATION if you cancel before 12noon on August 2nd. Cancellations after this time may be credited to future trainings, webinars, products or services, less a $200 administration fee. If you are ready to build a strong foundation, without wasting your time, we invite you to attend.

Your complete satisfaction with every FIC conference is fully GUARANTEED! If for any reason, you feel you do not receive the educational benefit you need from our trainings, we will guarantee your money back! Our objective is to ensure that you receive a high-quality, effective training experience you need to stay one step ahead of the overwhelming task involved in keeping you abreast of regulatory changes in Real Estate Lending & Compliance!
Continuing Education

In efforts to pursue continuing education accreditation of the FIC Real Estate Compliance & Residential Lending Conferences, we have found that each entity has it's own criteria to be met. If there is a specific trade organization, State banking association, State Bar or CPA organization, etc. that you would like our assistance in getting continuing education accreditations, please let us know or send us information and instructions. Though in most cases we are unable to absorb the fees of these organizations, we will be happy to assist you in the approval process.  We provide Certificates of Completion listing classroom hours, for your convenience in illustrating continuing education efforts to your auditors and examiners.