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Design your Own Webinar!
Residential RE Compliance

2-hour Webinar Training
Unlimited Connections for your Institution

These customized comprehensive training webinars are geared to anyone who has been or is to be in a position where real estate compliance is an integral part of their job function. It does not matter whether your Institution is involved in Purchase Money loans, Home Equity or Refinance transactions, the basic foundations in residential real estate lending and compliance are the key to a successful process.

It is not necessary to have years of experience behind you to attend these sessions though it would be beneficial to your attendance if you have some experience. We invite you to formulate your questions in advance so that if you do not get the answers that you NEED during this training, you can email Kimberly directly for private consultation at no additional cost. If you are ready to build on your knowledge without wasting your time, we invite you to attend this "crash course" and connect the dots!

Comprehensive and easy to follow presentations are provided for the ease of quick reference on a continuing basis. Often times, compliance with the regulations and/or internal policies and procedures is dependent on knowing where to find the answers and utilizing good reference resources.

If you are involved in residential mortgage lending or real state compliance, this training is specifically designed for you!

Design Your Own Training based on Your Needs
Cover only the Content that you Want!

Who Should Attend?

Our comprehensive training has been designed to fit the needs of everyone involved in Real Estate Lending. Those who are brand new to Compliance or residential home loans whether it be Home Equity, Purchase Money or Refinance Transactions, will find these webinars the most beneficial. Often times these sessions help to fill in the blanks for those in underwriting, loan review and quality control. Anyone involved in Loan Origination, the Application, Loan Processing, Closing, Underwriting, Auditing, Quality Control and/or Servicing of Real Estate loans will find this training to be a valuable tool and a worthwhile investment.

Cancellation Policy

If you find it necessary to cancel, there is NO PENALTY FOR CANCELLATION if you cancel before 12:00noon on the Friday TWO weeks prior to the week of the scheduled webinar. Cancellations after this time may be credited to future trainings, products or services, less a $100 administration fee.


Your complete satisfaction with every FIC product or service is fully GUARANTEED! If for any reason, you feel you do not receive the educational benefit you need from our training, we will guarantee your money back! Our objective is to ensure that you receive a high-quality, effective training experience you need to stay one step ahead of the overwhelming task involved in keeping you abreast of regulatory changes in Real Estate Compliance!

Continuing Education

In efforts to pursue continuing education accreditation of the FIC Real Estate Compliance Conferences, we have found that each entity has its’ own criteria to be met. If there is a specific trade organization, State banking association, State Bar or CPA organization, etc. that you would like our assistance in getting continuing education accreditations, please let us know or send us information and instructions. Though in most cases we are unable to absorb the fees of these organizations, we will be happy to assist you in the approval process.